January 10, 2024

《Fearless Salary Negotiation》书摘

Fearless Salary Negotiation is a guide to getting paid what you’re worth. But it’s also something deeper— it’s an exposé on how companies determine salaries and job titles, and how they think about raises and promotions. It is my way of showing you how to successfully bridge the chasm between what you think you know about salaries, job titles, and pay structures, and how they actually work. Counterintuitively, being lower in your paygrade is better for your prospects of getting a raise while staying in that paygrade. Read more

January 8, 2024


房子比职业更难找。满街是屋,可是轮不到他们住。上海仿佛希望每个新来的人都像只戴壳的蜗牛,随身带着宿舍。 Read more

January 3, 2024


明天是囚犯不可剥夺的真正的节日,是法律明文规定的。这一天不能派囚犯干活,一年总共只有三天这样的日子。 Read more